Inspector Qualifications

HTS inspects such a wide variety of equipment and materials that general guidelines had to be established for hiring and qualifying Field Inspectors.

HTS inspectors must have a strong background with blueprints, wiring diagrams, close tolerance instrumentation, manufacturing processes, national and industrial codes.

Our approach

Hire technically educated individuals who have hands-on experience in five major categories:


Electrical Equipment

Fabricated/Welded Units

Mechanical Equipment

Non-Destructive and Physical Testing

Hiring a staff with credentials that meet all of the above is nearly impossible, so HTS conducts ongoing job training programs for new employees. New hires are placed with an experience inspector for many weeks, and re-evaluated after 90 days.

After this phase, he/she is either moved off probation to permanent status or released. Those inspectors that HTS finally accepts are assigned inspections within their capabilities and experience.

Every inspector is required to participate various training programs to expand his job proficiency and secure certification in various disciplines, such as Welding, Dynamic Balancing, Vibration Analysis, Electrical Instrumentation, N.D.T., X-Ray Interpretation, and the National Codes.

In addition to the above, HTS continually updates each inspector's Curriculum Vitae to reflect their experience and technical training advances that increase his value to HTS and our clients.

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