Quality materials from the start.

HTS' scope of inspection is not limited to major pieces of equipment, but also includes inspection of the material form which the major equipment is fabricated.

Our staff has provided HTS' clients with inspection coverage from bulk grain to catalyst; from lumber to ceramics; from cast iron casings to super austenitic alloys; from communications equipment to turbines; from linings and coating, to witness of physical testing.

In providing buyers with source inspection, HTS is familiar with most major national and international material specification and Codes to insure " What is purchased is what is shipped".

A very active part of HTS is Positive Material Identification.

Hurley Technical Services Inc., provides Alloy Identification and Analyzation, via a Thermo Scientific/Niton XLT 898. All of PMI Inspectors are certified in Positive Alloy Metals training. Additional PMI information and rate scheduling is available upon request.

40-ft Section Pipe Cans, Carbona, CA

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