Our goal is to provide timely delivery of quality materials and equipment through expediting.

HTS represents purchasers at the source, in-plant or on site to insure our clients' interests are being addressed.  HTS promotes orders on behalf of the buyer at all levels;  engineering, materials procurement, fabrication and assembly, test, final inspection, through shipment.

Early establishment of vendor's actual delivery  capability and intentions
Reduce your concern for last delivery
In-plant expediting verifies progress; remote expediting does not
In-plant expediting promotes your job
Source expediting prevents work stoppages at vendor's plant

Material shortages, long fabrication times, and delivery slippages of the material and equipment surely cause delays in your own production scheduling.   This costs your company money;  however, timely expediting of your purchased material and equipment will serve to prevent these costly vendor delivery setbacks.

No service can guarantee 100% effectiveness in insuring exact scheduling and deliveries.  HTS will, however, promise the following:

Prompt initial status evaluation.

Verification of actual progress at the vendor's plant, in Engineering, on the  production floor, and on the shipping dock.

A qualified expediter that knows the equipment and materials you have ordered.

An experienced expediter that knows fabrication processes, the time required to  complete them and a realistic appraisal of the vendor capability and intention to meet their scheduled deliveries.

An expediter that will seek improvement through assistance, scheduling and sub-order alternatives, direct contact with Management, and an ambitious, dogged approach to schedule improvement and prompt deliveries.

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