HTS provides qualified reps at the vendor source during production.

Millions of dollars are lost each year in downtime and start-up delays due to faulty or poor quality equipment and materials.

A large percentage of these losses could be minimized and avoided if purchasers had qualified representatives at the vendor source during fabrication, assembly, and testing and before shipment.


Why Source Inspection?

•  Verify the vendor's intentions to meet the order requirements "before" the start of
•  Verify vendor's quality control, inspection and test capabilities
•  Resolve order discrepancies and deviations during fabrication and before shipment
•  Insure that the client receives the quality purchased
•  Source inspection insures that vendors are aware that your company accepts only
quality materials and equipment
•  Overall quality of vendor equipment and materials improves drastically

There is no substitute for an experienced, technically qualified HTS inspector representing your interests, in person at the vendor source.

HTS has divided equipment inspection into five major categories:

Electrical Equipment
• Mechanical Equipment
• Fabricated Equipment
• Materials
• Non-Destructive Testing

Within these categories, all inspection disciplines, materials and equipment are encompassed, as well as the technical expertise required to inspect them.

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